A model for individual and whole school development

Jana Chynoradská
Start time
Saturday 8 June, 10:15
End time
Saturday 8 June, 11:15
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This talk will look at a model that will enable your school to become a more effective learning organisation – creating pathways that work with the strengths of the staff  to offer opportunities for everyone to develop their skills in different areas without moving away from doing the things that they enjoy and already excel at.

The Learn&Lead management structure enables a school to become a nourishing environment for the learning & development of everyone.  It opens up new managerial job positions for trainers to become lead trainers or development leaders. Everyone is encouraged to learn new skills and abilities with trainers being distinguished as competent replicators, aware practitioners or expert facilitators, as seen in the EAQUALS competence framework.

A learner-centred approach is a key philosophy within the Learn&Lead school and  allows everyone’s individual requirements and differences to be discovered and understood.  This working environment makes it easy for people to try out new ideas and functional teams are involved in discussing policies before adoption.

In this talk participants will first be asked to self-assess their competences and find out about their own current state of development in various different areas.  Then they will have the chance to learn about the Learn&Lead model and how work can be distributed and structured.

I will also share stories of our experience managing the school in this way, the challenges we faced and how we overcame them, as well as talk about the benefits that have accrued. This talk is not a commercial presentation, but rather the sharing of a model of school development which participants might find useful.

About Jana Chynoradská

Jana Chynoradská, PaedDr. graduated from Comenius University, Faculty of Education, with a diploma in English language and literature, and a doctorate in English methodology. After spending five years as a University teacher she decided to set up her own business in the area of language and adult training. In 2010 she initiated the birth of the Learn&Lead idea and since then has inspired others to join her pathway of self-development, team development and school/organisation environment development. She also currently holds the position of the Principal Manager at HARMONY ACADEMY and President of the Slovak Association of Language Schools.

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7th-8th June 2019