Above and beyond the four skills through poetry

Linda Yael
Start time
Saturday 8 June, 10:15
End time
Saturday 8 June, 11:15
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Our daily TEFL practice is often reduced to teaching the four skills, grammar and vocabulary, hardly sparing a thought for the content, thus leaving aside our more fundamental role as educators. On the other hand, we tend to believe that if we are teaching to a language syllabus, there is no place for poetry in the general English class, and that, in any case, our students will not be interested. This very practical workshop will attempt to demonstrate otherwise, by using poems which students may relate to by topic or style, and providing activities to do with them, including getting the participants to try their hand at writing their own simple poems, alone or in pairs.
Introducing poetry is one way we can move beyond the surface structure of the language, and the innocuous, standardised topics of most EFL coursebooks, getting the students to think independently, arguably the most fundamental skill they will need if they are to become literate in the wider sense of the term.
We will consider how to use poetry in class with the aim of involving students actively. This may be achieved in differing ways, such as through the choice of topic, through the type of language, or through the manner in which the poem is presented. I will present a selection of poems chosen according to each of these criteria, and get participants to experience various techniques for themselves. Participants will be invited to discuss possible uses in their classes, and any adaptations they might need to make depending on their particular teaching situations.

About Linda Yael

Linda has been a teacher trainer at Pilgrims, Canterbury, UK, since 2005, giving teacher development courses and seminars in the UK, Argentina and Guatemala. She is also an IELTS examiner, and a Cambridge ESOL Speaking and Writing Examiner. She was Lecturer in English for many years at the Balseiro Institute (National University of Cuyo), part of a science research centre in Bariloche, Argentina. She was tutor at Hilderstone College, Broadstairs, UK. She has been a teacher trainer at NILE, Bell, and Lenguas Vivas Bariloche Teacher Training College, and previously worked for the British Council, Madrid, as a teacher and examiner.

Linda is a regular presenter at conferences in Argentina and the UK, and is the current president of Apizals, the regional association of teachers of English, an affiliate of the Argentinian national association, itself an affiliate of IATEFL.

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