Finding your coaching voice

Mike Shreeve
Start time
Saturday 8 June, 11:30
End time
Saturday 8 June, 12:30
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Coaching has been seized upon as a very effective way of learning and developing and is widely used in sporting, business and personal development contexts. The aim of this workshop is to show you why and how you can incorporate some coaching methods into your classroom / school whilst maintaining your true voice.  If you have a leadership or teacher training role we will examine , how you can lead and  develop your teachers in your school.

This workshop examines the following questions:

·       How do I use a knowledge of coaching to improve my teaching/ effectiveness?

·       What skills do I need to start coaching?

·       How can I be authentic in my coaching approach?

·        How can a coaching approach improve my lesson or management observations and feedback?

As well as these discussions there will be activities to show you:

·       How to assess learning needs using coaching methods

·       Practicing and designing exercises with a more coaching content

·       A mini- coaching experience

About Mike Shreeve

Mike Shreeve has taught in state schools, language schools and management academies. He has also worked in a business and professional context. The connecting principle is an interest in people and their psychology.

Mike is CELTA trained and a qualified coach who aims to enable students to realise some if not all their learning potential. He has taught for the last few years in Pilgrims summer teacher training school the coaching with NLP course and teaching “difficult learners”.

He has recently been involved in a large teaching project to enhance coaching and feedback skills to Ethiopian teachers- a welcome return to a country he worked in when qualifying as a teacher. Outside of this he coaches individuals (mainly teachers, business owners and professionals) and is involved in several education projects. Until recently he has been a school governor.

Outside of professional life, Mike lives in Brighton and enjoys walking and contemplating the South Downs and is (healthily)obsessed with playing tennis.

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