Coaching as a motivational technique for work

Loraine Kennedy
Start time
Friday 8 June, 15:45
End time
Friday 8 June, 16:45
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Managers and team leaders often come up to me and say: “Some of the people in my team refuse to be coached. What tips can you give me?” In reality, there is a time and place for coaching. There is a time and place for mentoring. Being able to motivate people means knowing how to adapt your influencing style. In this workshop we will look at how coaching fits within leadership and motivational strategy, and through a selection of people profiles and your contributions, we will discuss how to and when coaching works.

About Loraine Kennedy

Loraine Kennedy is a full-time practising coach and management trainer, having qualified as a life and work coach in 2001-2. She has more than 30 years’ experience in education and ELT worldwide and 20 years in management. Her passion is in helping people to fulfill their full potential and managers to become successful leaders within an ever-changing world. She works extensively with educational associations, schools and universities across the world. She is on the committee of IATEFL’s leadership and management special interest group.

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