Creative mindset for a language teacher

Marta Bujakowska
Start time
Friday 7 June, 14:45
End time
Friday 7 June, 15:45
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In my workshop I want to prove that all of us can be creative. The only thing we need to have is the right mindset which will help us to teach more effectively with more teaching tools from our teacher’s toolbox. Together we will find out more about the four different roles a creative teacher should play.
A word CREATIVITY has been used in an ELT context for quite some time, so I decided to take a closer look at the meaning of this word. It filtered into EFL from the arts and advertising and a lot has been said about it. I will use some of quotations from those worlds to support practice with theory. I will try to help teachers decide whether creative teaching is for them or not. I will also prove that it is a skill and like any skill can be learned. Every teacher should try to set off on a creative journey for the sake of their students and also for their own sake. We will try to define a creative thinking mindset in the ELT context and together we will see how important it is to have an objective for every activity – even the most creative one. We will talk about the four roles we should keep in mind when thinking creatively: explorer, artist, judge and warrior. We will try out some activities and create our own under some conditions. They should
• be useful/purposeful and relevant to our teaching objectives
• reveal new meanings and make new connections
• include original and imaginative thinking and ideas
• use imagination and past experience to create new learning possibilities.

As a passionate teacher I think it is the only way to stay fully on track without getting stuck in a rut. Let’s set off on this never-ending journey together.

About Marta Bujakowska

Marta Bujakowska – a freelance teacher and teacher trainer from Poland with a strong intercultural focus and special interest in creative methodology, reflective teaching and learner autonomy. In her career she has taught all age groups and levels changing her preferences from time to time, which helped her develop as a teacher and led her into teacher training. Nowadays, she predominantly works with teachers, and teaches adult and teenage learners of English. She loves working with PILGRIMS and has taught several courses there. Being surrounded by active fellow teachers makes her feel whole. She believes that teachers should regard their self-development unlimited.

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