Focus Interruptus: How can I distract them so they pay attention?

Chaz Pugliese
Start time
Saturday 8 June, 10:15
End time
Saturday 8 June, 11:15
The Place

Learning requires effortful focus, it goes without saying. But focus, attention have sadly become scarce commodities these days.
In this practical session, we will first, briefly, look at possible reasons the students don’t pay attention to us (no, it’s not necessarily because they don’t like their teacher/English!). We will then experience a variety of techniques/exercises teachers may wish to use to get the students distracted from distraction by distraction (T.S. Eliot).

About Chaz Pugliese

I am a trainer, international presenter and author working out of Paris, France. Previously Academic Director of Teacher Training at Pilgrims. As a consultant for the British Council, I have run several courses, many of which in China, Bangladesh and Brazil. I lecture on Creativity, Leadership and Intercultural communication at several universities in France and abroad. My publications include: Being Creative (Delta, UK, 2010), The Principled Communicative Approach, (Helbling, 2015) and Creating Motivation, (Helbling, 2017).

My research interests range from Motivation and Creativity, to Spontaneity and Improvisation. In 2013 I founded the Creativity Group (Alan Maley).

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7th-8th June 2019