Grammar Castle.

Audrey Wessels
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Saturday 9 June, 11:30
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Saturday 9 June, 12:15
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It was inevitable that I came in constant contact with students and adults struggling with the language bascially grammar was a challenge and extremely confusing and that brought back memories. Well, over the years, I developed a method that is logical and which helps students to comprehend and retain grammar. So my book, weaves grammar with logical rules, with pictures and a story line in an attempt to involve all the powers of their imagination and embedding it in their OWN everyday routine, their lives and their experiences.  Like computer games, which we all know is addictive, I´ve broken up learning into various levels thus enabling students to be accurately aware of their own progress.

Amateurs founded GOOGLE and APPLE. Professionals build the TITANIC.

About Audrey Wessels

An unconventional language teacher who had a strenuous journey into the world of languages. As a student, I detested learning languages which mirrored itself in my grades. Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology came easy to me. However, languages remained a dreaded terrain. Upon achieving my Bachelor in Zoology and Biochemistry in one of the best colleges in Mumbai, I ventured into Business Management but stayed on in it for only a year. In 1995, God directed me to Germany and I was once again confronted with learning a language! My fifth language in the meantime, having had English, Hindi, Marathi and French. Since 2003, I have been coaching students at all levels and as well as in the adult education. I offer preparation courses for the A-levels and for the B1 and B2 TELC school examination.

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