Improvisation as a tool for the language classroom

Peter Dyer
Start time
Friday 7 June, 09:00
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Friday 7 June, 12:00
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Improvisation is a most valuable tool to use with our students for encouraging speaking and writing. The workshop looks firstly at the simple rules we must follow if we are to be active and creative improvisers. As we work through different activities, we begin to forget about always being correct grammatically and how to be spectacularly intellectual and creative, rather we begin to learn and trust our instincts and the instincts and offers our partners give us. Improvisation is about offering and accepting offers from others which means co-operating and sharing. The games not only help us to be spontaneous and creative in our reactions but it helps to build our confidence in speaking and writing. The skills students learn from improvisation are skills that they will carry with them in their social life and the world outside the classroom.

All activities are fun to do and students will be delighted at their spontaneity, risk taking and ideas as well as the ideas of others. There are speaking games and many fun story telling activities. Making stories from simple stimuli and also using pictures. Like the speaking activities, all story telling can be adapted to writing either as individual, pair or group activities.

Some people may have attended an introduction workshop in 2018 but come along again and develop your improvisation skills.

About Peter Dyer

Peter has worked as a professional actor in Australia (Peter Tabor) on stage, in film and television and radio. He has run workshops and given individual coaching to professional and aspiring actors.

Peter is a secondary teacher in Drama and Media Arts. He is also an English language teacher and Business English trainer. He lives in Paris and runs workshops for business groups and individuals in presentation skills, body language and voice and runs improvisation workshops for business groups.

He has worked with the Pilgrims Teacher Training organisation for over 25 years training teachers in using drama and improvisation skills for Primary and Secondary students. Peter uses improvisation as methodology for teachers and students to free the imagination and creativity within each individual and to speak more fluently and spontaneously extending these activities to writing.

Peter writes articles for magazines and is finally finishing his book on the use of improvisation for the language classroom.

Looking forward to seeing you
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7th-8th June 2019