Inclusive activities for super active young learners

Božica Šarić-Cvjetković
Start time
Saturday 8 June, 10:15
End time
Saturday 8 June, 11:15
The Place

In large mixed ability classes it is often difficult for teachers to both cater for the needs of all their students and follow the school curriculum at the same time. Sometimes students in the same class have abilities ranging from those with a level of English well above average, to others who struggle with reading and writing even in their own language.
Students with learning difficulties often feel excluded when they are given different and less challenging tasks to do. Group work can do wonders but how do we make sure that all students are actively participating and, most importantly, learning?
I will guide you through a mini project for young learners, from vocabulary practice to running dictation. You will also have the chance to analyse students’ work in order to improve future projects, and to adapt materials for different levels.

About Božica Šarić-Cvjetković

Božica Šarić-Cvjetković has a BA in English language and literature and more than ten years of experience in the classroom. Based in Serbia, she teaches young learners and teenagers in a state primary school and works with students with special learning difficulties. She’s also a teacher trainer and has delivered workshops and talks both locally and internationally. Passionate about developing as a teacher, she is actively involved in both IATEFL and ELTA Serbia. She served as ELTA Serbia Board member (2016-2017) and ELTA Serbia Vice president (2018-2019).
When she’s not teaching, she likes spending time reading, gardening, or playing with her cats.

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

7th-8th June 2019