Laughter Yoga Workshop

Danny Singh
Start time
Saturday 8 June, 08:15
End time
Saturday 8 June, 08:45
The Place

This is a short but dynamic workshop in which participants will have the opportunity to experience

the physiological changes that continuous laughing for no reason brings to the body and the mind.

We will also discuss why Danny considers this as his most powerful tool in the classroom to aid learning

& how LY has changed in the 14 years that Danny has been using it.

At least four articles on the subject can be found on his website:

About Danny Singh

Danny Singh is a creative teacher, heavily influenced by Pilgrims, who teaches essentially through movement; dancing, singing, laughter, playing, hugging, drawing, massage. Many of the activities work on emotions, helping to facilitate the memory and so aid learning. He is also a teacher-trainer, writes regularly for hltmag online mag, has written two books, translates & interprets using Italian and English, does team building and motivation in company, is a Reiki therapist, laughter therapist, free hugger and even does some acting from time to time.

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

7th-8th June 2019