Motivating teachers & students by future-proofing your school.

Michael Carrier
Start time
Saturday 9 June, 15:15
End time
Saturday 9 June, 16:00
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This is an interactive and practical workshop on how to prepare your school for the future needs of students, staff and society. We will look at the benefits of innovation and technology to your school now – and into the future. That means looking at technology but not only technology. It means re-evaluating and upgrading your classroom design, course & curriculum design, teacher development, management practices, staff training, customer service metrics, social media outreach etc. How can innovative approaches to service delivery and educational technology – IWBs, apps, translators,  tablets – support teachers and make learning more exciting and effective for your learners?

How can the latest digital tools improve the customer experience for your students? Not only in the classroom, but in the other ways that they interact with the school.

Technology in schools is not just for the classroom – we can use it to improve all aspects of the school’s work. For example:

  • How can you improve your marketing and get more students?
  • How can you ‘delight’ your customers so they keep coming back and re-enrolling in new courses?
  • How can you improve students’ outcomes and achievements so they feel they have chosen the best school?

In the workshop we will discuss each of these areas, looking first at trends in language education globally and then doing activities to apply these trends to our own institutional contexts – with take-away ideas for immediate application.

We will look at both established and emerging innovations &  technologies and how we can harness them to improve the quality of our teaching and learning and help our students succeed.

The net result is that participants have strategies to improve teaching and delight customers and protect the future growth of the school.



About Michael Carrier

Michael Carrier is managing director of Highdale Consulting and consults for a number of educational organisations. He has worked in language education for 30 years as a teacher, trainer, author, and director in Germany, Italy, Poland, UK and USA, and lectured worldwide. Michael holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and an MBA, and is engaged in both the academic and management aspects of ELT. He was formerly CEO of the International House World schools network, Director, English Language Innovation at the British Council in London, Executive Director of Eurocentres USA, and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Cambridge English. He has written many ELT coursebooks and professional articles, including the Break into English &, Front Page series and Business Circles. His area of specialisation is educational technology and his latest book is ‘Digital Language Learning and Teaching’ (Routledge). He is currently serving on a number of boards – as Trustee of the TIRF research foundation in the US, Board member of ICC the European Language Network, Governor of International Students House in London and was formerly on the boards of EAQUALS and ELTJ. He is also Chair of the UK Government’s Working Group on ELT, part of the Department of International Trade.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, the Society of Authors and the Oxford & Cambridge Club in London.

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