Motivation through Creative Task

Judit Fehér
Start time
Friday 7 June, 16:00
End time
Friday 7 June, 17:00
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Do you think a well-chosen creative task motivates learners? Chances are that you say yes. Most of us seem to think so. But have you asked yourself how and why? Well, I haven’t for a long time; I just accepted what I experienced. In this workshop, I’d like to share with you what I found when I finally asked this question. We will look at different kinds of motivation and see through classroom activities how they may be triggered by a creative task. Along the way we will change the traditional interpretations of some motivation types. We will also see how some of our fundamental methods may actually reduce learner creativity even if we set creative tasks.

About Judit Fehér

Judit Fehér is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. She has extensive teaching experience ranging from pre-school to post-graduate. Judit is a Pilgrims trainer running courses mainly in the UK and giving workshops at international conferences and events. Her main interests are materials writing, creativity, and CLIL. Most of the teaching materials she has written target secondary students. These include textbooks, workbooks, resource books, and online materials.
Her other publications include Creative Resources with Bonnie Tsai (IAL, Atlanta), a chapter in Creativity in the English language classroom (British Council) and some articles on the British Council Learn English website as well as in professional magazines such as the English Teaching Professional, Humanising Language Teaching and The Teacher Trainer.

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