No Language is an Island: FEL – Foreign (as part of the) English Language

Rakesh Bhanot
Start time
Saturday 8 June, 14:00
End time
Saturday 8 June, 15:00
The Place

The genesis of this workshop, entre nous, goes back to something Mario Rinvolucri (a bona fide guru in our metier) did with teachers at a Pilgrims Summer School circa 40 years ago. All languages are enriched (sic.) by contact with other (usually) neighbouring tongues, but British colonial endeavours, along with their wanderlust, also led to the looting of thousands of words from all over the globe; ipso facto changing English hobson-jobsonly. Depending on the zeitgeist and your weltanschauung, these additions are a sine qua non, though not always du jour, if you want to give your English a soupcon, even a quasi frisson, of eclat. During our tete-a-tete, I will present a smorgasbord (perhaps a vade mecum or an aide- memoire) of suitable exemplars. I have carte blanche to run the workshop al fresco followed by booze. This may be a faux pas but it’s not de rigueur. Gesundheit!

About Rakesh Bhanot

Rakesh Bhanot started teaching in 1972, and has taught English and/or contributed to ELT conferences in many parts of the world – including teacher training for Pilgrims in the UK, Russia, Germany and Italy (forthcoming). Retired from full-time work, Rakesh continues to teach English in private and state schools on a volunteer basis in Central Europe and Greece. He has published widely and is a member of the IATEFL Publications Committee. He is the Founder Editor of Language Issues – the journal of the National Association for the Teaching of English and other Community Languages to Adults (NATECLA), UK.

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

7th-8th June 2019