Re-engineering performance management

Vic Richardson
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Friday 7 June, 11:15
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Friday 7 June, 12:15
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“Traditional performance management systems are broken. Companies, leaders, managers and employees have long participated in time-consuming, frustrating performance reviews that have not yielded clear improvements in individual and organisational performance. The cost of lost time spent on traditional approaches to performance evaluations alone is estimated to range from $2.4 million to $35 million” (Wigert & Harter, 2017)

Does this resonate for you? Is your performance management broken?

Do you dust off your annual appraisal forms, determined each year to make a success of it:

ü  “performance reviews clearly impacting performance”, and

ü  “staff feeing valued and well supported; with the provider (you)

ü  “going the extra mile’ to create a happy and rewarding work environment.”

In this interactive presentation I’d like to acquaint you with interesting research into performance management which might leave you thinking – less management, more development.

About Vic Richardson

Vic Richardson is enjoying retirement (not). He was until recently Director of Academic Development for Embassy English, a division of Study Group. He has been in the EFL sector a goodly while and has worked and travelled widely. He has been a teacher, a teacher trainer, a university lecturer, a course book writer, a test writer, an assessor, an academic director, an operations director, and even a member of the editorial panel of the ELTJ, but, given that he has spent his life in language teaching, to his wife’s chagrin, he has never successfully learned another language.

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