Successful Matura Preparation – How to Teach More in Less Time.

Csilla Šafranko
Start time
Saturday 9 June, 11:30
End time
Saturday 9 June, 12:15
The Place

In my presentation I will focus on helping teachers in their demanding work of preparing students for their final leaving exams. We all know it´s not easy. We all are likely to be hated for handing out test papers and taking precious free time (and mobiles) away from our teenage students just to give them what we believe will help them pass their final exams from English. My aim is to show you easy steps, tricks and useful tips on your road so that it is not as crooked as it was before you will have entered my workshop.

Looking forward to meeting you at my result-focused seminar, where attention will be given to all four skills and motivating students to cooperate with you so that both teacher and student have a sense of satisfaction and feeling of success and pride when looking at the Maturita exam results at the end of the school year.

About Csilla Šafranko

I´m an active, independent and health-conscious mum of 3 kids. I am Managing Director and Director of Studies at SUCCESS Language School, Nové Zámky, where together with my team of 15 lecturers we teach over 800 teaching hours a month in 8 different languages. I am proud to be leading an 8-year-old language school which actively engages in quality, conversation-focused teaching during the whole year (including the summer holidays), may it be individual or group lessons, starting at age 4 ending at level C2.

My expertise lies in exam preparation as I have been successfully preparing students of different age groups and nationalities for various entrance and language exams over 21 years now. I myself had passed 4 language exams by the age of 21 (General Slovak State Exam, CAE, CPE, Toefl – 610 points) before graduating from UKF Nitra and the CEU in Budapest. I have always believed in setting and achieving goals as a means of outdoing our current capabilities and bringing the best of our potential to the limelight.

Our hard work at SUCCESS Language School has resulted in us becoming an ECL test centre in 2015 and being granted the official status of Exam Preparation Centre for the Cambridge Exams for the year 2018 by Cambridge Assessment. In achieving so much credit must be given to my recent IDLTM diploma, the road to which was hard and taught me an immense amount of lessons about language school management.

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

8th-9th June 2018