The Four Acts of Language – Statement, Question, Exclamation, Command

Stefania Ballotto
Start time
Friday 7 June, 14:45
End time
Friday 7 June, 15:45
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This practical workshop looks at the skills of learning a language in a new way that is needed. The exercises are humorous, delightful, surprising, putting emphasis on creativity. Participants in this session will be given examples of the four acts of language which are based on a fact of grammar.

About Stefania Ballotto

Stefania Ballotto is a teacher, teacher trainer, and trainer of trainers. She is a Lecturer at the University of Udine, Italy, and she trains pre-service and in-service teachers. She has presented at conferences all over the world and has been a PILGRIMS teacher trainer for nearly two decades. Her passion is her learners with whom she shares and grows together. Her main area of interest is beyond the traditional foreign language methodology teaching. She enjoys developing creativity, innovation and critical thinking. Stefania is South African-Italian and has an MA in Applied Linguistics from Cambridge University, UK.

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