The questions of professional development

Agi Enyedi
Start time
Friday 8 June, 14:00
End time
Friday 8 June, 15:00
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Questions are a powerful tool for many helping professions if used purposefully in situations when people need help. Questions are also a teaching tool, constantly used by teachers in classrooms. How can questions help teachers themselves to learn and grow professionally? What questions can serve as a tool for professional development? Participants will be invited to use a recent professional event to reflect on and answer a few questions about.

About Agi Enyedi

After over 10 years of teaching English and being a mentor for beginner teachers in public education, I joined the EFL teacher education programme at Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary, in 1999 and have been involved in teacher education ever since.

I ran courses on ELT methodology, classroom observation, group dynamics or teaching English to dyslexic students. My professional interest includes supporting beginning teachers, mentor training and, more recently, educational leadership and professional burnout. I have extensive experience in designing and running workshops, seminars, and summer courses for teachers both in my home country and internationally.

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