‘Where I’m From’ – developing students’ creativity and their sense of identity through Poetry of Place.

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Friday 8 June, 15:00
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Friday 8 June, 16:00
The Place

Engaging students in poetry can be a challenge. Reading poetry, let alone writing it, requires encouragement because being creative, especially in a foreign language, can be intimidating. However, fostering students’ positive beliefs about their creative writing skills can be made easier if they write about something that is familiar, personal and therefore interesting to them. Writing about yourself and your origins that define you, being the author of your own story, transforms the exercise into something students can feel invested in; this gains momentum and gives it a whole new meaning and purpose.

Inspired by George Ella Lyons’ ‘Where I’m From’, Poetry of Place allows students to express themselves creatively without the usual daunting constraints of poetry writing. When asked the question ‘Where are you from?’ we instinctively tend to answer it literally at first. However, when prompted to really think about your past, delve into its significant moments, people, memories, sensory observations – sounds, smells and images – students begin to revise their ‘where I’m from’ lists into something much more profound and creative: a deeply personal, identity-defining piece of poetry written by an expert on the subject.

Writing one’s own ‘where I’m From’ poems enables students to develop their storytelling skills, their creativity and their sense of self simultaneously. By making the stories personal,

Poetry of Place takes a creative writing task from an act of factual reminiscing and turns it into a powerful, often emotional and even cathartic journey of self discovery.

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