Mario Rinvolucri
Start time
Saturday 8 June, 15:15
End time
Saturday 8 June, 16:15
The Place

In this session you will have a chance to explore the way in which YOU listen and read.
Together we will explore how DELETION, DISTORTION and ELABORATION work when you are listening or reading. It will become apparent how powerfully you process what flows into your brain just as you process food as it slides down your gullet
We will examine ELABORATION in greater detail as here individual , everyday creativity is most manifest . (Thanks to Ron Carter for the concept of”everyday creativity.”) We will work on ELABORATION using tools taken from NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic –Programming.)
In conclusion I will suggest that human communication as adumbrated above makes any normal human being/language teacher seriously question many common EFL procedures.
Why ask students rather unmotivated “ comprehension questions” about the original text, ignoring the way it has been creatively transformed in the mind of the reader/listener.
If you tell your class a story why ask students to discuss it before they have had a chance to discover what sort of story their neighbour has created in their own unique perception.
I hope that some of you will leave the hall with a whole new world of possibilities based on your students’ natural creativity which will always be there even if you decide to detour away from it.

About Mario Rinvolucri

Mario Rinvolucri is a founding member of Pilgrims and has worked with them as an EFL teacher and teacher trainer since 1974.  He is the co-author of  many books about methodology of ELT. Some of his well known books are Grammar games, Once upon a time, Vocabulary, Creative writing, Humanising your course book and many others. He is currently learning advanced level French C1-2, Albanian at a cheerful  A1 level both languages with private tutors. For German Mario goes to a group of old pensioners and wobbles along at a wobbly B1 level, sharing the group’s joy at having no teacher.  Ohne Lehrer kann man viel besser atmen!  He also helps a neighbour to practice her A2/B1 conversational  Italian.

Earlier in his life he was involved in writing 20 ELF  and DaF Teacher Resource Books , mostly  co-authoring with a wide spread of Pilgrims Teachers and Trainers.

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7th-8th June 2019