Writing for others: Motivating or demotivating?

Susan Holden
Start time
Friday 8 June, 14:45
End time
Friday 8 June, 15:30
The Place

This workshop will explore and discuss the process of writing articles for other teachers, classroom materials for students and colleagues to use, or even submissions to publishers.

All of these begin with an idea, but that idea goes through many changes and developments, usually involving other people,  before it takes its final form. These stages can be both motivating and demotivating for the writer.

The aim of the session is to clarify the whole writing process, from initial idea to the end product (and beyond), and to give the participants the confidence to develop their own ideas into materials for others to use.

About Susan Holden

Susan Holden has a long and varied experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, magazine editor, publisher and author. She is now based in Scotland, where she runs a small publishing and materials development company.

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

8th-9th June 2018