Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright is an author, illustrator, storyteller and teacher trainer. As an author he has published, amongst many other books, ‘Games for Language Learning’ with CUP, ‘Storytelling with Children’ with OUP and ‘Writing Stories’ with Helbling Languages, all of which are still in print.
As a teacher trainer and a story teller he has worked in fifty five countries.

Events by Andrew

- Using Stories and Poems with Andrew and Alan Arrow

Stories and poems are universal - they are found in all cultures.  They are part of being human.  They touch the parts of our being other things do not reach. It would be insane not to use this rich resource in our teaching.  Andrew will offer a number of practical ideas for responding to stories...

Workshop - Oral Storymaking in Class Arrow

Here is an extremely simple technique for making stories, orally, with full sized classes of any age and virtually any level of English!  No preparation for you!  No cost!  And the stories made can then be written and published with big pats on the back from and for students, teachers, parents, s...

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

7th-8th June 2019