Audrey Wessels

An unconventional language teacher who had a strenuous journey into the world of languages. As a student, I detested learning languages which mirrored itself in my grades. Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology came easy to me. However, languages remained a dreaded terrain. Upon achieving my Bachelor in Zoology and Biochemistry in one of the best colleges in Mumbai, I ventured into Business Management but stayed on in it for only a year. In 1995, God directed me to Germany and I was once again confronted with learning a language! My fifth language in the meantime, having had English, Hindi, Marathi and French. Since 2003, I have been coaching students at all levels and as well as in the adult education. I offer preparation courses for the A-levels and for the B1 and B2 TELC school examination.

Events by Audrey

Workshop - Grammar Castle. Arrow

It was inevitable that I came in constant contact with students and adults struggling with the language bascially grammar was a challenge and extremely confusing and that brought back memories. Well, over the years, I developed a method that is logical and which helps students to comprehend and ret...

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

8th-9th June 2018