Chaz Pugliese

I am a teacher trainer, lecturer, international presenter and author working out of Paris, France. I’ve lived in 5 countries, have worked with teachers in over 30 and have been a keynote speaker at several international conferences from Greenland to Malaysia to Brazil, to Russia. Previously Academic Director of Teacher Training at Pilgrims, UK, I have collaborated with all major Teacher Training institutions and have run several consultancies for the British Council, many of which in China. I also lecture on Creativity, Leadership and Intercultural communication at several universities in France and abroad. My publications include:

  • Being Creative: the Challenge of Change in the Classroom, was published in 2010 by Delta Publishing, UK.
  • The Principled Communicative Approach, written with Zoltan Dornyei and Jane Arnold, was published by Helbling Languages in 2015.
  • Creating Motivation, published by Helbling Languages in 2017.

On top of these, I’ve also written many articles/papers and have contributed several chapters to other authors’ books.

My research interests range from Motivation and Creativity, to Spontaneity in Teaching, Fluency and Spoken Grammar, Group Processes.

In 2013 I founded the Creativity Group (Alan Maley). 

Looking forward to seeing you
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7th-8th June 2019