Chaz Pugliese

Chaz Pugliese, MA and Ph.D candidate, is a self-employed trainer, lecturer, presenter and author working out of Paris, France. Previously Director of Teacher Training at Pilgrims, UK, he continues to collaborate with Pilgrims as well as other top Teacher Training institutes in the UK. Chaz has trained hundreds of teachers all over the world, has been a keynote speaker at conferences in as many as 30 countries and has contributed over 60 articles and papers to all major ELT publications. Currently, he holds a column in English Teaching Professional. His first book, Being Creative: the Challenge of Change in the Classroom was published by Delta in 2010. His second book, with Zoltan Dornyei and Jane Arnold, will be out with Helbling in 2014. His research interests are: Motivation and Creativity, Materials Development and Group Processes.

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