Christine Frank

After completing my Postgraduate Diploma in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language at Manchester University in 1974 I came to Germany where I have worked as a teacher, teacher trainer and author.
In summer 1974 I taught with Mario Rinvolucri on the first summer courses that Pilgrims offered. Since that time I have had close contacts with Pilgrims working on courses run in Canterbury and workshops and seminars throughout the world often in collaboration with the British Council.
In Germany I have taught in school, given teacher training seminars in the field of adult education and presentations for the publishers Klett and Langenscheidt.

Events by Christine

Workshop - Playing with words/ Working with words/ Learning words Arrow

Students traditionally learn lists of words, which results in their having extensive passive vocabulary and limited active vocabulary. Consequently they cannot express their ideas, neither in speaking nor in writing, fluently. This workshop focuses on ways of helping the students to increase their ...

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