Juraj Streďanský

Juraj has been in the ELT industry since 2008, mainly teaching English and German to corporate clients of various positions and levels. He graduated in translating and interpreting, but turned to teaching in the last year of his studies and never looked back. He has always been interested in what happens outside the classroom – in the teachers´ minds just as well as the students´. After almost having given up on teaching, his main focus in the last year has been teacher´s motivation and how to keep oneself going once you have spent a few years trying to motivate others.
His biggest passion besides work is music and playing drums, contemplating about life and the world which he cannot imagine without his family and friends.

Events by Juraj

Workshop - “Do you really want to spend the rest of your life teaching English?” Arrow

Perhaps you are a new (young), keen and eager, even enthusiastic, teacher of English; maybe you are happy doing what you have been doing for years because your students seem pleased with what you do to/with them; or, do you feel you are in a kind of a rut and your career is going nowhere? Whatever y...

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

8th-9th June 2018