Seán Thompson

I have been living in Hungary for over 23 years and have taught at schools, universities and various educational centres in Budapest. Most of my work has been focused within the Hungarian Educational System, although the British Council has sponsored many events and projects as well as international publishing companies. More recently, however, I have been appointed as PR Manager and Academic Consultant for MM Publications working in numerous countries throughout Central Europe assisting Educational institutes with their various events and courses.

Teacher training is another area in which I have extensive experience in with MM Publications and the Catholic Pedagogical Institute of Budapest, of which I am also head of English. In more recent years being a plenary conference speaker and workshop leader have given me new scope in EFL.

My current work place is at a bilingual primary and secondary school, where I have managed to achieve much success with the pupils not only in winning English language competitions and excellent results, but through my own interests in drama, rugby and even cookery.

Teaching students from a variety of different backgrounds is most stimulating and over the years I have developed many exciting ways of using traditional materials, as well as modern ones to accommodate to different needs. I like to incorporate all approaches of acquiring language such as visual, audio, kinaesthetic and even tactile methods, which I then develop into course material. For the past 10 years I have also been involved in course book development, which has given me great insight into student needs and researching suitable material for them.

Events by Seán

Workshop - TV games shows in the classroom. Arrow

We are quite familiar with many TV Game shows, which provide both entertainment and a huge amount of fun. Bringing them into the classroom is another matter – how to find the balance between learning and entertainment, and how to make it a worthwhile experience. This incredibly interactive work...

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8th-9th June 2018