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About us

Eltforum is a conference organised by the Bridge - English Language Centre and a special interest group of IATEFL - LAMSIG. It is aimed at all English language teachers in primary and secondary education, language schools, universities as well as organisations that work within language education in Slovakia and the rest of Europe. It is a two-day event that offers a number of interesting workshops and plenary sessions delivered by respected ELT professionals from all around the world. Eltforum is proud to partnerships with Association of Language Schools of the Slovak Republic, IATEFL and Pilgrims teacher training.

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For over 40 years we have focussed on the learner being at the centre of the learning process; not the lesson plan, not the course book or a prescribed method, but the individual.

Our motto – Pilgrims does not teach a method but teaches people.

Our pedagogic philosophy is now celebrated throughout the world as “The Humanistic Approach” to language teaching. It has inspired thousands of children & teenagers, adults, business professionals and, of course, language teachers all over the world. Indeed, Pilgrims has published over 50 Teacher’s resource books on this subject, and continues to guide teachers worldwide through our pioneering online magazine Humanising Language Teaching, and the print publication – Teacher Trainer Journal.

People come to Pilgrims not just to “improve their English”, but to focus on their relationship with the language; this transformation, at a deep personal level, empowers them to take responsibility for how they learn, and how they can communicate powerfully in this global language.

Pilgrims is everything that a traditional English language school isn’t.

We value
  • create spaces where anything (and everything) is possible
  • be people who live out our values “Pilgrims is a company we love to work with and for”
  • be open and vibrant so that new ideas and innovations can continue to arise through co-operation and creative energy
  • be an inspiring organisation where trainers, participants, colleagues and peers aspire to work and learn
  • we stand for the possibility of personal and professional growth through our own continually transforming leadership, inspiration and coaching.

Our doing flows from our being.

Looking forward to seeing you
all in Bratislava

7th-8th June 2019