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Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave
8th-9th June 2018


What’s new this year?

The 9th international ELT Forum to be held on 7th – 8th June 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The theme for the 2019 is “45th birthday of Pilgrims teacher training centre” and we are delighted to welcome some of the finest international speakers such as Mario Rinvolucri, Hanna Kryszewska, Chaz Pugliese, Stefania Ballotto, Mike Shreeve, Peter Dyer and many others.

Great news is Leadership and Management SIG conference that takes place 7th – 8th June 2019 in Bratislava along the ELTFORUM 2019 in the same venue.


After over 10 years of teaching English and being a mentor for beginner teachers in public education, I joined the EFL teacher education programme at Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary, in 1999 and have been involved in teacher education ever since.

I ran courses on ELT methodology, classroom observation, group dynamics or teaching English to dyslexic students. My professional interest includes supporting beginning teachers, mentor training and, more recently, educational leadership and professional burnout. I have extensive experience in designing and running workshops, seminars, and summer courses for teachers both in my home country and internationally.

Workshop - The questions of professional development Arrow

Questions are a powerful tool for many helping professions if used purposefully in situations when people need help. Questions are also a teaching tool, constantly used by teachers in classrooms. How can questions help teachers themselves to learn and grow professionally? What questions can serve as...

Plenary - Language teaching 3.0 Arrow

How do we define ourselves as language teachers in our ever-changing role? What sort of requirements do we need to meet in the 21st century and what are the constant, in-built qualities that we can rely on? This plenary will offer a bird’s eye view on teacher identities which help us to express ou...

Andy Hockley is a trainer, curriculum developer, consultant, writer, and the coordinator of IATEFL’s Leadership and Management Special Interest Group (LAMSIG), as well as being the global lead trainer on the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM). He is the co-author of “From Teacher to Manager: Managing language teaching organisations” (CUP, 2008) and “Managing in the Digital Age” (The Round, 2014), and author of “Educational Management” (Polirom 2007). He has been involved in ELT for 30 years, as a teacher, teacher trainer, manager, and management trainer. He lives in deepest Transylvania.

Plenary - The Motivation to Change Arrow

Change is a constant. Language teaching organisations, like any other organisations have to be able to adapt, develop, and innovate. This is also true of the teachers and other staff that work there too. But, as the saying goes, “Nobody likes change except a wet baby”. This talk will look at th...

Workshop - What motivates teachers? How to reinspire, reenergise and reinvigorate your staffroom. Arrow

In this workshop we will look first of all at what it is that motivates teachers, and how this relates to the motivations of others in other professions. What can teachers do to re-energise themselves and what can managers do to help them? Subsequently we will focus on professional development - dis...
Carol Read has over 30 years’ experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager, materials writer and educational consultant.

Carol’s main specialisation is in early years and primary language teaching. Her publications include award-winning titles such as Bugs, 500 Activities in the Primary Classroom, and most recently a six-level primary course with integrated digital resources, Tiger Time. Carol is a former President of IATEFL. You can find out more about Carol by visiting www.carolread.com

Workshop - Creativity and communication through story and drama Arrow

This session shows how a well-managed, whole-child approach to storytelling and drama develops pupils’ potential for creativity and helps them to become confident communicators in English. We will use an integrated combination of multisensory techniques and digital resources to explore ways to eng...

Plenary - Reflections on how to be a highly effective teacher Arrow

This session explores the personal capacities, attitudes and beliefs of highly effective teachers in fast-changing social and technological times. Through investigation of issues that go to the heart of successful classroom practice, you will be inspired and empowered to take your teaching and stude...
Peter Dyer has been an English language trainer in Primary and Secondary schools for over 30 years.

He was a professional actor in Australia (Peter Tabor) and worked in theatre, film and television including radio. He ran workshops for actors and specialised in theatre of the grotesque and mask making and performance. He has worked as a teacher trainer for Pilgrims for 24 years running two week workshops in Drama and improvisation for the language teacher. He also runs workshops for Primary teachers and is introducing a workshop on body language, gesture and status for teachers this summer at Pilgrims.

Workshop - How to use improvisation activities to encourage students to speak and write creatively. Arrow

All the fun activities help to release spontaneity, risk taking and creativity. The activities help our students to take part in vocal play and creative writing. An energy driven fun 60 minutes....

Workshop - How to be a more effective and motivating speaker in the classroom. Arrow

The workshop is full of fun activities with some very simple techniques to help us be more inspiring when we speak in class and when we read. these activities are also a must for students if we are to avoid dull and uninspiring vocal delivery. The workshop will include some authentic advertising mat...


Alex is a DELTA trained teacher trainer with over 14 years’ experience of working in ELT as a teacher, academic director and teacher trainer. Prior to his experiences in ELT, Alex worked as a journalist before a chance encounter in the Indonesian jungle began him on the path which has led him to working with National Geographic Learning. A firm believer in a communicative approach to language learning and student-centered learning, Alex enjoys working with innovative, thought-provoking materials and presenting on a wide range of ELT-related topics, all the while driven by his passion for developing teachers on a global scale and helping them to reach their true potential. Alex is very much looking forward to his first visit to Slovakia.

Workshop - Thinking Outside the Box – Developing Creative 21st Century Thinkers With TED. Arrow

Nowadays the job and role of the English language teacher has changed. It’s no longer our job to just teach grammar and vocabulary and the 4 traditional skills. We need to teach them about the world. We need to introduce them to new ideas, new ways of looking at things. And we need to teach them t...

Workshop - The Magic of Words – Enhancing Effective Vocabulary Learning. Arrow

There are a great many number of principles to consider when maximising vocabulary learning: the need to give it deliberate attention; the need to show how words do not exist in isolation, but in partnerships and the need for learners to work out meaning for themselves and to take ownership of newly...

Michael Carrier is managing director of Highdale Consulting and consults for a number of educational organisations. He has worked in language education for 30 years as a teacher, trainer, author, and director in Germany, Italy, Poland, UK and USA, and lectured worldwide. Michael holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and an MBA, and is engaged in both the academic and management aspects of ELT. He was formerly CEO of the International House World schools network, Director, English Language Innovation at the British Council in London, Executive Director of Eurocentres USA, and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Cambridge English. He has written many ELT coursebooks and professional articles, including the Break into English &, Front Page series and Business Circles. His area of specialisation is educational technology and his latest book is ‘Digital Language Learning and Teaching’ (Routledge). He is currently serving on a number of boards – as Trustee of the TIRF research foundation in the US, Board member of ICC the European Language Network, Governor of International Students House in London and was formerly on the boards of EAQUALS and ELTJ. He is also Chair of the UK Government’s Working Group on ELT, part of the Department of International Trade.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, the Society of Authors and the Oxford & Cambridge Club in London.

Workshop - Motivating teachers & students by future-proofing your school. Arrow

This is an interactive and practical workshop on how to prepare your school for the future needs of students, staff and society. We will look at the benefits of innovation and technology to your school now – and into the future. That means looking at technology but not only technology. It means r...

Plenary - LAMSIG: Motivating teachers through competence frameworks. Arrow

This talk examines how best to support teachers – both ourselves and our colleagues – by providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities throughout a teacher's career. CPD is important because it helps teachers to improve their classroom skills, and it increases their motivati...



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